Brisbane is a quiet Monday City

I got home from work today and was feeling inspired to go back to my roots and wander the city with my camera. By the end of the night I had eaten up over seven kilometers of pavement which was kind of surprising, I didn’t set out to walk that far at all at first. Being a chilly winter night, everybody else must have opted to stay warm at home and the normal night time city crowds were quite small. There was a lot more walking than there was taking photos but I got a couple of shots worth sharing.

Victoria Bridge Memorial Bokeh

I stopped and took a Bokeh Panorama taken from the Victoria Bridge Memorial looking back towards QPAC. The idea of these types of panorama is to have some things in focus while throwing the rest out of focus. This memorial has been turned into quite a lovely spot with a food vendor wagon – I want to go back and see this during the day now. Very cool.

While it may not be new for you, this is the first time I have seen this new Brisbane sign and it seemed to be attracting a lot of attention. The Pokemon players were also thick and not easily deterred by the chilly Brisbane night we were having.

Southbank Brisbane Sign

Southbank Brisbane Sign

I had hoped to get out of my comfort zone and take some more street photography but I totally wussed out on that one. When you only have a 50mm lens on your camera it makes it pretty obvious who you’re trying to take a photo of. I promise I will do some actual street photography for this blog in time. I just need to conquer my fear of being smacked in the face for taking people’s pictures.

Inspired by a photo I had recently seen on Reddit, I decided that it was time to attempt the same but put my own spin on it. The photographer in question took a single dark exposure from the Queen St Bridge and I found myself on the William Jolly Bridge but I wanted to make it a full panorama. This wasn’t easy as I had to time it right to get the cars head lights & tail lights as they came through in clusters.

Riverside Expressway North Quay

Riverside Expressway North Quay

I regret that I didn’t lugg my tripod along with me and I was forced to rest the camera on the railing which was quite a challenge. I think that I will revisit this one soon and take the tripod along to make sure I get this panorama in the bag. I reckon I can get the lights from the cars sorted better on the next attempt.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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