Wellington Point Sunrise

From Creek to Coast or the other way around…

I’ve been doing a lot more time-lapse lately so even though things have been quiet on here, I have been all over the place taking pictures and time-lapses but time has prevented me from putting a lot of my photography up recently.

After a 4 day Australia Day long weekend mostly spent inside the house, I woke up about 2:00am this morning and my adventure senses were tingling. It was time to get out of the house. The only problem is, where do you go? I was running a bit low on fuel and it hasn’t been cheap this week so that ruled out any long drives. I hit the road about 3:45am and ended up heading south and I decided to work my way bay-side.

Knowing that I wanted to capture a sunrise today, I hedged my bets that I could get to Wellington Point just in time to start getting some photos of the sunrise. As luck would have it, I arrived just in time to see the sky start to lighten. I’ve only ever been there twice before but managed to bumble my way right there without any hassles. I snapped a quick panorama of about 20 shots just before the sun started to peek out over the top of North Stradbroke Island in the distance.

Sunrise Panorama 29 01 2017

Not long after I arrived and I set up my GoPro for the time-lapse, I noticed some flashing lights off to my left side and it took me a minute to work out that it was a DJI Quad/Drone getting ready to take off. The owner was very friendly and came over for a chat not long after he got his bird up in the sky. I was very impressed with the image sensor his drone had and ended up making a new e-friend. If you’re into drones and such in the Brisbane area, please feel free to join his Brisbane Aerial Drone Photography & Filmography Facebook Group. I won’t lie, I really would love to add a DJI to my gear but the pricetag will delay that for a little longer. Here he is bringing it back in. They are amazing machines but you’d cry if you ever lost it in the water…


Bringing your drone home safely


Eventually the sun moved up over the island and gave us a taste of what we were in for today, heat and a lot of it. Before you ask – Yes, I was looking through the camera view-finder to take these images (12 total) using my nice long 150-500mm Sigma Zoom lens. Using a combination of a good guess of fast shutter speed so as not to over-expose the images as well as Adobe Camera RAW, I am able to pluck out a lot more detail than most people would get from pointing it straight at the sun. Also, I cheated a little and waited so that the clouds were also cutting out its immense power. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I process my panoramas soon.

Amazing Brisbane Sunrise Panorama 2017


My main aim this morning was to come home with a time-lapse video, so the panoramas¬†and images above are simply a bonus and gave me something to do while I waited. Seriously, time-lapse guys deserve so much credit for waiting around for hours in the hope that they will come home with something interesting and usable… Little did I know that Wellington Point was a busy boat ramp on a Sunday morning. I am really very happy with the way that I framed it, on one side you get all the action at the boat ramp and on the right-hand side, I managed to capture the sunrise without blowing all the other detail out. (mega bonus points if you spot the drone in my time-lapse).

After heading home, I was editing up some of these photos when I got asked to go on another adventure. In summer, I never need an excuse to go for a swim. The location of choice was Bunya Crossing. I’ve only ever been there once to walk the dogs and it was already packed by 930am when we arrived.

I like to check out places pretty heavily in advance using Google Maps these days and I noticed that there were some interesting exposed bed rock formations to the east of the main swimming area. This was the first place that we headed, it was a bit of a hike through thick grass but we made it down to the rocks. Here is the amazing view looking back to the west. You wouldn’t really want to swim in this section as it is very brackish and has a lot of turtles in there. A very interesting angle – here is a 21 image panorama.

Bunya Crossing Queensland


We didn’t hang around long in this spot but I did explore some of the very interesting geology formations. Might be worth another trip on a cooler day to have a closer look.

Bunya Crossing Geology

The sun was hot and I have a few patches of toasty, sun-kissed skin tonight. Still – it was worth it. Swims were had in the shade of some trees hanging over the water. This is a beautiful place and I will try to get back there some time very soon when there are less people in the way. Seriously, it was PACKED today.

What an adventure today, it was huge ! I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

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