In search of the Perseid Meteor shower 2016

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind.

I’ve wanted to capture the Perseid meteor shower for a long long time now and it was at it’s peak last night. After checking the cloud cover at Skippy Sky I realised that I might be in with a chance to get some long exposures with meteor fireballs trails. As an extremely last minute decision, I checked in with the parental units to see if it was OK to rock up at 2am on their driveway and set up my tripod. Permission granted, we’re on!

Or so I thought. My second camera body was begging to be used to over a larger section of sky. Unfortunately I needed a second Compact Flash card to be able to use it. No worries, Officeworks will have one. WRONG. I can’t believe in 2016 Officeworks and Compact Flash cards are “online order only”. Officeworks suck. It was too late in the night to beg borrow or steal a spare card so that meant I was stuck with just the 5D MKII. It could be worse.

Brisbane Star Trail 13082016

The clouds did hold out and we sat under the stars freezing our butts off for two hours. I was wearing a coat AND a hoodie but it was still cold. I didn’t realise until I was packing up that the first half of the exposures were the only ones that worked. Aaargh! It was that cold that dew was falling and it coated the lens and fogged it up with water. By some miracle I managed to get 62 minutes worth of exposures but sadly all of the Meteor trails I captured were in the foggy hour. Nooooo. The Perseid show from Brisbane this year wasn’t the greatest anyway but there were some stunning trails blazed across the sky. A memory ¬†that I won’t soon forget.

Brisbane Star Trail 2 13082016


Anyway, lemons = lemonade. It did suck to come home without some meteor trail action though. Oh well, there’s always next year, right?

2016 Perseid Cover

2016 Perseid Cover

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