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It’s a ruff life…

Sometimes you’ve got to take a few moments out in life. To get down on the floor and hang out with your pets at their eye level. They’ll love you for it. Give them all of your attention. I was lucky enough to be able to do just that with a St Bernard-Labrador mix and a Maremma who are just the best of pals.

Barney Bokeh Panorama

The image above was made of 21 photos joined together – also known as a photo stitch or more accurately a “Bokeh Panorama” in this case. They aren’t always easy to capture and this the first first time that I’ve ever tried capturing one indoors. The truth of it is that I adore hanging out with fur-kids and I’ll never knock back the opportunity to do it.

Missy the Maremma

Yep, it’s a ruff life…

St Bernard Cross


And the answer is that I would be happy to do a photo shoot anytime for you and your pet(s). I’m now adding a booking form to the site, so don’t be afraid to reach out to get some images of your fur kids.


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