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JC Slaughter Falls Mt Coot-tha

Welcome to the first of my on-location shoots that I will be sharing on a regular basis. I’ve been doing a lot of night time photography lately and I decided to get some sun shine in today to make this a little more interesting so you don’t all get bored on me.

Today we’ll be having a quick look around a place called J.C. Slaughter Falls which is situated just 6 km from the Brisbane CBD. Here is the Google Maps link to the falls location which I took most of these photos from. The rocky creek bed is less than 500 metres walk from the main Car Park / BBQ area an is a very picturesque place to relax surrounded by nature and is very family friendly. There are several walking trails in the area and it is always well frequented with plenty of people trail blazing for exercise and adventure.

While the name of the place sounds foreboding, urban legends have been quick to cash in on stories of murders and paranormal activity, spooky! The truth is that J.C. Slaughter falls was just named after a popular Brisbane town clerk which sounds a lot less exciting when you think about it.

When you reach the location and the viewing platform, you’ll notice some of the historical Aboriginal rock paintings. I haven’t been able to find any information on just how long it has been there but considering that European settlement of Brisbane didn’t start until the early 1800’s its likely that it would be at least that old, if not much, much older.

Slaughter Falls Panorama

For the better part of the year, the name Slaughter Falls is something of a misnomer as the falls are rarely active unless it has just rained. The catchment area for the creek isn’t large so you would need to be in the area while water is actually falling out of the sky to see any of that kind of waterfall type action. J.C. Slaughter dribble is probably the more apt name.

Slaughter Falls Panorama

I often wonder what Brisbane would have looked like before European settlement happened. Like when you’re standing in your yard and wonder what it would be like if you stepped into a time machine and zapped yourself back 400 years or more. What a fascinating and gorgeous place it must have been without the industrial revolution and European invasion…

JC Slaughter Falls

These snakes are the painted type luckily. Something makes me think that once there were a lot more around. Always keep your wits about you when you’re moving through bush land in our sub-tropical environment. Even in winter, our scaled friends might be out enjoying some sun rays on the rocks. Most of the time you’ll never see them though. I was lucky and didn’t have any encounters today.

Slaughter Falls Panorama


Slaughter Falls Panorama

Looking back uphill towards the viewing platform at the falls. This would be an interesting view when they’re running!

Slaughter Falls Panorama

Holy scrolling Batman! A vertical panorama! I climbed down the rocks a bit which is still only about a quarter of the way down the ravine and got this beauty of a vertical panorama. And for my last image, something a little bit bokeh I spotted on my way out of the trail. People had vandalised a tree and it came out much better than I expected.

Slaughter Falls Panorama

This would be a great location for some future TFP shoots and stuff. There is a lot going on and plenty of very awesome places to get some shots. I will be back!


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