Normanby Cover

Normanby by Night

No excuses… I’ve been very slack but I’m back into it now.

Tonight’s photos were all taken from the Normanby. There was a surprising amount of “bounce” in the bridge I was standing on for the panorama.

So much so that my images were mostly out of focus. Every time a car drove over the bridge, the tripod was moving a huge amount. Still, I’m proud of what I captured. More tomorrow!

Normanby Panorama


Looking back up the hill towards the big church at Red Hill as well as towards the north of the Inner City Bypass as well as into the old Sunny Queen eggs car park next to the Normanby. I was impressed by the look of the people walking on the bridge. As these were 10 second long exposures, I wasn’t sure if I would get them in the shot.

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