Buderim Falls

Scouting new places – Buderim Falls

Fighting the urge to stay inside today, I decided that it was time for a proper adventure and it was time to escape the city.  Researching waterfalls has become all-consuming for me. The top of the list for my next visit was Buderim Forest Waterfall because not only did all the pictures I saw online look amazing, it appeared to be really close to the coast, in the middle of the suburbs on the Sunshine Coast and only about 900 meters to walk from the car park to the falls. Keeping in mind that this was well over 100km of driving each way to get there, I decided to make a day of it. I wasn’t disappointed ! Here is where you’re headed :

Buderim Falls - Harry's Hut Car Park

It took me a little while to scout out the bet way to get to the falls and the reality is that there are two roads and carparks you can chose – but if you want to enjoy the nicer journey (and the longer walk) you’ll want to enter from Harry’s Lane and park near the Harry’s on Buderim section. This is going to put you about one kilometer from the falls. From there you’ll follow the boardwalk to the south and this will take you through some very scenic rain forest. The boardwalk section itself goes for about 500 meters or so and is very easy going and you’ll zig-zag over the creek that is fed by the falls.

The next 200 meters is a mixture of cobbled and at times mossy rocks and some mud. I would advise taking outdoor friendly shoes with good grip and having your hands free to balance and navigate the path. The final section becomes a slight to moderate climb across mossy roots and rocks and then the final 50 meters is a bit of rock hopping on damp mossy rocks that can be a little trickier to navigate as it starts to look like this. Sorry for the crappy iPhone panorama.

Crappy iPhone Pano

In an extremely rare moment of indulgent posing, I took a selfie at the waterfall. It is summer and the rainforest was hot, humid and I was sweaty. I don’t always look this good…

What a poser!

Even with summer school holidays in full swing, showing up at the falls at 9:00am wasn’t too bad, there were already a handful of people there and unsurprisingly a couple of photographers doing the same thing I came to do. With some good rain falling earlier this week, the falls had a decent volume of water flowing and standing underneath it wasn’t too harsh at all, kind of like an over-sized shower, hard but quite bearable. The rock pool itself isn’t that large and it isn’t very deep at all but is enough for a swim to cool off.

Swimming under the Buderim Waterfall

Considering the proximity of these falls to a quite nice suburban neighbourhood, I felt that it is definitely worth a visit in the future for another planned photoshoot. There are smaller shallow wading pools in the rocks which cascade through three lower areas below these falls which were very suitable to younger families which started showing up in droves over the next hour while we were there. Hey, summer – Rainfall, you can’t blame them! I would definitely suggest checking this place out around 8am in the morning or later in the afternoon once the crowds have left if you want some elbow room.

Buderim Forest Waterfall

It started to feel a bit crowded by 9:45am so we made our way up on to the amazing arch-bridge for some more photos. The upper trails will take you on a circuit up and around the falls back across to the other side of the bridge. Despite the heat and humidity, it was a very enjoyable walk of moderate effort and took about 15 minutes all up. There were lots of joggers on the trail today and my guess is that they came in from the more suburban Quorn Close entrance which is only about 100 meters above the falls. Here is the map if you get confused.


From the bridge, you can really appreciate the unique formation of the falls area. It really is something amazing for its location and for me, it stands out as a rare oasis in an ever-encroaching suburban sprawl. The locals are so lucky to have this right at their back door. I wouldn’t mind joining them one day.

Buderim Falls



If you’re ever in the Buderim area and have three hours to spare, you’ll find it well spent wandering around here. I will be back !


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