Rainbow Cover Photo

Sunshine and Rainbows

This week got away from me a little bit and I’ve been busy booking some photo shoots in for some time really soon. It hasn’t left a whole lot of time for being creative. But when there is a canvas in front of me the camera comes out. An amazingly powerful but small storm cell passed eastwards across the city this afternoon. After only 5 minutes of intense rain and a couple of claps of thunder it was gone. But that wasn’t the only rainbow that I captured.

Brisbane Rainbow 20082016

A feathered friend arrived to get out of the wind. A bit fluffed up from the precipitation so I got another rainbow photo. Well, a Rainbow Lorikeet that is! Extremely tame and at one point got so close that my lens couldn’t focus. More content will be coming to my blog soon… Stay tuned.

Rainbow Lorikeet





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