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Matt and Mel amazing light

Better late than never photoshoots

Matt and Mel have a wedding coming up in a couple of months and *gasp* still haven’t done their engagement photoshoot. There is no way I was going to let that happen, or err… not happen!   Engagement shoots are a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer in advance as well as a chance to try out…

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Slaughter Falls in the rain

When the falls are falling

My holidays are almost finished and being stuck in the house isn’t my favourite option right now. So when it started raining in Brisbane I knew that it was time to revisit Slaughter Falls at Mt Cootha. Back in my blog last year, I went there for an explore but it was dry and the waterfall only runs when it…

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02012017 Brisbane Storms

A new year of storms in Brisbane

Happy new year ! Along with the oodles of photography I have planned to share with you this year I am going to be capturing some time-lapse footage and posting that up as well. I’ve now had my gopro for a couple of weeks and I’m pretty confident that I know my way around it. That’s right, even the tech-nerds…

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Brisbane City Lightning

The storms will roll right in…

I’ve been tinkering with some photography on the side for a while now but nothing worth getting excited about… Until today that is ! Today started out like most typical Sub-Tropical Brisbane summer days. Hot, sticky, oppressive and muggy. I headed into the city for a photo walk (photos coming later) and my car is in the shop for some…

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Brisbane from Coottha Panorama

Looking down over Brisbane

Lately, I’ve been a bit frazzled from work and I’ve had a couple of days annual leave to get out and get some sun and remember how to breathe again. Today, I had some places to be and people to see and when it was all done, I headed out to the Airport for some plane spotting with my new…

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Brisbane Looking West Sunset

West before the storm

Just a quick one this afternoon, The clouds were looking pretty moody over Mount Coot-tha so I snapped an 8 image panorama and stitched it all together. I love the contrast of the TV transmitter towers against the sky a lot. Storms are supposed to be coming in from the South-West tonight so it all seemed to make an interesting…

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Decaying Zombie

Brisbane and the Zombie Horde

Today was the annual Brisbane Zombie walk at Roma Street Parklands. I clearly remember hearing from a work colleague circa 2010 about masses of people dressed up as the undead and wandering the city and was in love with the idea. I must admit though, that I have been very slack going to one of these events before. It was with…

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Brisbane Full Moon 16.10.2016

You just got mooned!

So, that new lens that I splashed out on yesterday has come in handy already. The term “super telephoto” does it absolutely zero justice. That’s right, it is a huge full moon tonight. Because I’m keeping with the “lazy” theme, I even captured this image on a tripod on my bedroom carpet through the window glass because I was too…

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Tia Photoshoot Cover

Sunrise with Tia

About five years ago, I grew tired of taking photos of landscapes and still life and decided that it was time to challenge myself by working with people instead. It is a whole different world. Apart from the obvious lens and camera requirements you need to learn how to do your job (take photos) while directing what is going on…

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Normanby Cover

Normanby by Night

No excuses… I’ve been very slack but I’m back into it now. Tonight’s photos were all taken from the Normanby. There was a surprising amount of “bounce” in the bridge I was standing on for the panorama. So much so that my images were mostly out of focus. Every time a car drove over the bridge, the tripod was moving…

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Rainbow Cover Photo

Sunshine and Rainbows

This week got away from me a little bit and I’ve been busy booking some photo shoots in for some time really soon. It hasn’t left a whole lot of time for being creative. But when there is a canvas in front of me the camera comes out. An amazingly powerful but small storm cell passed eastwards across the city this afternoon.…

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Brisbane is a quiet Monday City

I got home from work today and was feeling inspired to go back to my roots and wander the city with my camera. By the end of the night I had eaten up over seven kilometers of pavement which was kind of surprising, I didn’t set out to walk that far at all at first. Being a chilly winter night, everybody else…

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Brisbane Star Trail epicshots.com.au

Brisbane Star Trails

Astro Photography really sucked me in back in 2010. Back then I had absolutely no idea how to capture images like I was seeing from everybody else and there wasn’t as much in-depth information as there is available these days. I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge especially if it involves self-learning new skills so I made it a…

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