not enough play cover

Too much work, not enough play?

So today was the EKKA holiday for us Brisbane folk.  I ended up working to cover the phones to prevent interstate client meltdowns, haha. That will give me a whole day off in Lieu soon to do some TFP work with real people so stay tuned for some “people” photography coming up soon. Tonight, I had a dinner and car club drive planned and we ended up at Mount Glorious after a fantastic pub meal (the Schnitzel was insane). While we were stopped up there for a chat and I took a few photos. Russell decided to do a drive by while I was taking a 10 second long exposure.


10 Second Fly By Number Two


The Milky Way was very visible out there and there weren’t any clouds in the sky at all. I managed to remember my tripod luckily and taking it with me paid off. Hardly any light pollution, slight altitude and a clear, cold night made for an awesome canvas. Then I stumbled across the perfect place to compose the image. My first attempt was 5 images stitched together. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see the moon behind the tree. I was hiding in a moon shadow !


Mount Glorious Milky Way View


After this, I tried for a 9 Image panorama of the same but because my lens wasn’t wide enough, I missed out on a bit of the detail. I have decided that I will go back to this exact spot with a fish eye lens and do a 2-3 hour star trail, it will look amazing. Here is the panorama that didn’t quite work out, but I still think it looks awesome…


Mount Glorious Milky Way Fish Eye


All in all, it was nice to get out and have dinner, socialise, drive, take some photos and drive some more. Tonight has been one of the best nights I’ve had out in a long time.

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