Slaughter Falls in the rain

When the falls are falling

My holidays are almost finished and being stuck in the house isn’t my favourite option right now. So when it started raining in Brisbane I knew that it was time to revisit Slaughter Falls at Mt Cootha. Back in my blog last year, I went there for an explore but it was dry and the waterfall only runs when it has just been raining. And I showed up in the middle of a summer downpour. Note to self – go out and buy a raincoat ASAP. T-shirt and shorts were a horrible idea!

I really love the addition of the GoPro to my kit now. It feels like I can use it to add an extra dynamic to my photoshoots and blog now. So here is a youtube video of the falls not long after I arrived.

My GoPro was busy recording video on my tripod so I rested my trusty camera on the rocks and did a longer hand-held exposure of the fall. It would really have to be some torrential rain to get this place really flowing. It just doesn’t have a very large catchment area to be able to flood. I’m keen to give it a try sometime though – it would be great to see a bit more water flowing here.


With all the recent rain even in small doses, things are looking beautiful and green there. Bonus points if you can spot the falling rain droplet in the photo.

Trees during the rain

It was too slippery on the rocks to go too far and I already hurt myself a bit getting down to this spot so I decided against going too far because I was out here on my own.

Slaughter Falls different angle

And again the aboriginal rock art snake in the background. My thoughts were that in the rain, that particular overhang would have been the best place around to shelter from the Brisbane drizzle since forever. I wonder if it was painted during the rain. I can almost imagine it being painted on a day like today with someone using it as a shelter.

Slaughter Falls different angle

I was surprised how many people were coming and going and I only managed to get a handful of decent photos before I decided to let someone else enjoy the area. This water reflection image is one of my favourites from my day.

Water collecting on the rocks


Here is the map if you really want to check it out yourself. Please note, no rain that day and the place will usually always be very dry.

Which QLD / NSW waterfall should I visit next? Comment and let me know!

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