Brisbane Full Moon 16.10.2016

You just got mooned!

So, that new lens that I splashed out on yesterday has come in handy already. The term “super telephoto” does it absolutely zero justice.

That’s right, it is a huge full moon tonight. Because I’m keeping with the “lazy” theme, I even captured this image on a tripod on my bedroom carpet through the window glass because I was too lazy to even go outside.

I’m pretty smitten with my new 500mm lens, this is definitely the best image of the moon I’ve ever been able to get so far.

Image specs are : Canon 5D MK2 + Sigma 150-500mm lens @ 370mm f/6.3 1/800sec ISO200.

By very popular demand, I have gotten rid of the very gaudy logo and replaced it with something a little bit more low-key. I will be putting more work into my blog soon, so please stay tuned for more of my work coming really soon.




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